Annie vs Avia!

Annie vs Avia!
You decide the winner! By the way this video was suggested by viewers.

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So, this edit sucked.... I am so sorry I couldn't get more footage of Avia due to copy right claims. It has nothing to do with favoritism, I think both of the girls are amazing. Comment down below

Annie, Hayley, Avia, and Emmi ~ "Wings"

I really want to first thank my amazing friends for my birthday videos, I really love them all and I don't think I ever officially thanked you girls so thank you very much :) Okay, this video took


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Avia Butler-Cheerleader

Finally another video! My shaytards videos normally don't get a lot of views but hopefully this one will. Leave some requests below! Music- Cheerleader Follow me on Instagram

Cheerleading Fail Compilation!

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The Most Satisfying Video Ever!

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