FORT JACKSON, S.C. — Oct 7, 2017, 4:34 PM ET

Officials identify 2 killed when hit by military vehicle


Military officials have identified the two soldiers killed after a military vehicle struck them while they were in formation at an Army base in South Carolina.

A statement from Fort Jackson on Saturday identified the dead as Pvt. Ethan Shrader of Prospect, Tennessee, and Pvt. Timothy Ashcraft of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The injured were identified as Pvt. Emmett Foreman from Daleville, Alabama; Pvt. Hannah New of Cartersville, Georgia; Pvt. Benjamin Key of Livingston, Tennessee; Pvt. Alan Kryszak of Clarksville, Tennessee; Pvt. Cardre Jackson Jr., Laurel, Maryland; and Pvt. James Foster, Macon, Georgia.

Fort Jackson called the incident Friday a "tragic accident," but didn't say where the wreck happened or the type of vehicle involved.

Fort Jackson is the Army's largest training instillation, with more than 50,000 recruits assigned there each year.

News - Officials identify 2 killed when hit by military vehicle

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  • Bemccfel Gabdesbra

    And again... so many military have died under trump it is sad and a disgrace and no one seem to be outraged. Two more died run over by own military truck.. when will the blood shed end. News media cover this more please, these men and women are dying unnecessarily and too often. But the right wanted to destroy hillary for one man death in benghazi. The usa flag is not worthy of any honor or pledge.

  • Liars N. Fools

    RIP. Do investigate. Accidental deaths in our military need to be prevented.

  • QuesoDeBola

    Sad, very very Sad :(