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  • Patrick Dumars

    This deal was fatally flawed in the first place because it exempted Iranian nuclear facilities from inspection in the first place. It also did not call for the destruction of centrifuges, only their "storage." It also restricted IAEA inspectors from physically entering facilities to collect soil samples. Only Iranians could do that. And it allowed for several months before collections began in which Iran was observed scrubbing sites clean by removing topsoil by bulldozer. Yeah, it's working great. BTW, it's the same treaty provisions that were originally used with North Korea 12 years ago and we all know how that turned out.

  • Esther Haman

    Our President Comrade Trumpopwsky does not have the support of either party, Rep. or The Dem. NOT to mention the International backing to take such drastic action unilaterally and do away with the agreement with the Iranians. These speculations are only coming from the oil industry that is desperate to increase the oil prices and Mr. Tillerson is not doing such a good job of it.

  • Kia Rostami

    The fact is US is the source of instability and wars in the region and it is still going but US is dying which ended up with a huge pain.

  • John Barron

    The problem is Trump came into this situation with a bias that the deal was bad.. Probably because it is conceived under Obama. He is just looking for a reason to scrap this. How does this help curb Iran's nuclear ambitions? He wants the deal to fail.. at which point Iran will just fire up its reactors. This agreement was made with international support, how about conferring with our allies before threatening to cancel the agreement and imposing sanctions? If there are violations, cite them, confer and impose sanctions with binding support from our allies and other countries who made this agreement.

    The world wants N. Korea to come to the table, yet Trump wants to sanction and punish a country for violating the "spirit" of the agreement (Why are no other countries are on-board with this so called "spirit" violation??) . Why would N. Korea, or any other country for that matter, come to table after seeing how Trump has gone on about Iran since before he even ran. This makes the US look like it doesn't honor its agreements.. just as Trump is claiming Iran is.

    Trump may know more of the deal now, but he knew virtually nothing before he became president except that Obama was president when this agreement was reached. I think that is part of this equation.

    I think we did the most to destabilize the region when we went into Iraq.