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  • Sejal

    Ugh!!! who'd want to go to California?

  • ReasonWithValues

    I used to love the Olympics, and still love the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games: still awesome, inspiring and amazing. Other than the "swimming, diving, gymnastics, running and few other track and field games"...who watches "polo, karate, synchronized swimming (really???), beach volleyball (are you kidding me?), regular volleyball (who watches, except for the families of the teams), race walking, trampoline jumping (I kid you not), steeplechase, dressaage (I kid you not again!), archery, fencing, shooting (Hint: Korea and India always wins) and pentathlon (can the referees count that far)"?

    If you watch any of these sports passionately please explain yourself!

    I shall admit: I love to watch "field hockey (played it for many years), badminton (also played it for many years), table tennis, diving, women's weightlifting (and dream about these women beating up men), men's gymnastics (and dream about the men) , shooting (I don't have to explain myself! :)) )and soccer (how lame am I for this?) :))" Ha, ha, ha...

    I still root for the underdogs and the mad (in a good way) dogs! :))

  • Planet Earth

    At this point you're only going to see established, large metro cities hosting these global events. No third-ish world country wants to touch these now, after seeing how they have inundated places like Athens and Rio with debt and crumbling stadiums that can't be used for anything.

  • John Smith

    These games are a complete waste of taxpayer dollar. These funds should be spent on important infrastructure items and the people of the respective cities. We have seen time and time again the failures that the Olympics leave behind after the games are over. The last games in Brazil are a case in point. Some cities never recover and taxpayers end up paying for decades. The 1976 Olympic games in Montreal were finally paid off in 2006. It took 30 years to pay it off and what was left behind was infrastructure that drained millions more from the public purse. There should be one permanent home for the games where all nations support the upkeep. The Olympic Committees have been corrupt for decades and individuals have become rich off taxpayer funds. We may have seen an economic sign of resignation from countries competing for the summer games as only 2 bid games. Hopefully in the future a message is sent to the IOC that no country is willing to burden such costs.

  • CaptnBlynd

    2 more good reasons not to attend the Olympics.

  • John Masters

    Olympics is a media event, who cares who can run fast or lift the most weight? GIVE PEOPLE GOLD MEDALS FOR MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.
    Olympics is a waste of time, talent and resources. Take that money and save some lives with it. Take the 100 hours or more of stupid senseless TV coverage and maybe do some documentaries on where the wealth goes, why jobs pay is so low, why the rich pay so little taxes...
    Olympics is an exercise in national self-gratification.

  • markguy

    As long as the the rest of the state of California, never mind the rest of the Union, doesn't have to chip in, fine. It's too bad the average L.A. citizen does not presently have any say.

  • raysquiredog

    Time to snuff that stupid torch

  • sixstrings

    Yay...LA gets to lose several billion dollars like every other city that hosts the games!

  • Millard Farquar

    People are homeless and starving yet this is more important. Yet another example of the elite stroking themselves at the expense of the poor.

  • Lurker111

    Wonder what Paris & L.A. did to get punished like this.

  • Gary Stefancik

    Paris, the terror Olympics curtesy of Angela Merkel and the EU.

  • A-Train

    Hear that giant sucking sound? That's called the olympics. Enjoy!

  • Code_2008

    Guess I need to work on getting my officiating certification to Master Level so I can be an official for the games.