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  • Dwight Francis david

    Meanwhile the American civilian population has no civil defense no shelters no potassium iodine kl no air filter masks no back water supplies we never thought nuclear would happen but it may good forbid we didn't think 9/11 would but it did

  • Prophet With Honor

    When I was in the 5th/6th grade I woke every morning to look out the bedroom window at a building less than a mile away that held two dozen nuclear weapons.
    It tends to give one a fatalistic attitude.

  • John Thomas

    B-52? Shouldn't we at least be up to the B-69 by now?

  • John Barron

    We should be concentrating on nuclear non-proliferation.

    Accept N. Korea as a nuclear power, assure them we will not attack first.. Stop the rhetoric, and work on reducing nuclear weapon stockpiles. The only alternative is war which will decimate S. Korea.. Sanctions won't work as long as Russia and China prop up Kim's regime.

    Just my $.02 cents. No easy answers to this one.