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  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Sentenced to a minimum of 9 years, but he can get out in 8? Our judicial system makes zero sense. Life doesn't mean life either does it? Or maybe it does? Who makes up these convoluted "rules" anyway....jeez.

  • sanseh the undead

    I think he behaved very well in jail. Try to rob his own personal stuff is an act of desperation. Some think OJ murdered his ex-wife. In jail he was well behaved. Did he ever confess to the murder? I think he did?Finally he paid his dues. First time offenders usually get lighter sentences for robbery.

  • Quantez Williams

    The Santa Monica civil court dinged him for $33m and the Vegas court gave him 33 years. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Panoose

    He'll be released between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • JockSavant

    everyone knows why he was given 33 years. And I think most people hope he gets denied parole.

  • Quantez Williams

    I was wondering when I was going to start to see some coverage of this.

  • bubs

    parole is only based on the crime at hand, so i get that OJ could be freed. Most of America realizes he's a double murder who is free only because of incompetent prosecution

  • nj

    When he's released he can start... er... resume... his hunt for Ron and Nicole's real killer.

  • Bill William

    If he gets out, it will be a matter of time before he is back in jail and once again insisting he is innocent for some new crime.

  • Red Hawk

    At this point his plaque at Canton should be removed.

  • Mirage2020

    The OJ Las Vegas heist of memorablia could have been a set up,; and Simpson got framed.

    But then again, if you show up with a weapon in a hotel room and take your once owned property; it then becomes a crime.

  • This Guy

    I see people are still saying that Fuhrman planted evidence in the murder case. The problem with that theory is that, for Fuhrman to have planted the evidence, he would have had to have done it before knowing that OJ was even a viable suspect. He would have had to have done it before knowing that OJ didn't have a good alibi. If he does that, and then OJ's alibi of being in Chicago that night holds up, what does that do for Fuhrman? Sorry, but he's not going to risk his career just to set up OJ Simpson. It makes me think about Dana Carvey's stand-up routine about the whole Simpson case, and the idea it was some vast conspiracy. People seem to like OJ, so why go to such lengths to set him up? It makes no sense.

  • Mike O

    Let him out so he can find the killer of Nicole and the guy doing her...............

  • twelsh36446

    Keep him and throw away the key.

  • center_line

    Simpson committed murder.Though he was found not-guilty does not mean he didn't do it.Just that the evidence was mis-handled.Keep him there till he confesses.

  • reality25

    Good grief. Back to the relentless obsession with OJ.

  • Guapo

    WWOJD? A questions I ask myself from time to time.

  • stagerightinthemiddle

    The Parole Board can certainly cut him loose from prison.

    But he will always reside in another prison, without walls and of his own making.

  • TwoPointTakedown

    Maybe this will revive the Naked Gun movies. Man I loved those.

  • oldschool

    Even though many of us feel he got away with murder his sentence on this robbery was excessive and serving 8 years is enough .

  • Theodore McGregor

    Although I believe he killed Nicole and Ron, this case shouldn't have ever been influenced by the acquittal. But I believe it was. I disagreed with the verdict in the murder case, but the jury rendered its verdict and he was a not guilty man. That's not the same as innocent. We should accept that because the Constitution protects against double jeopardy. The judge in the Nevada case was punishing O.J. for getting away with murder. It was clear. He's served quite a few years now, and from what I've read if he were any other inmate he'd be eligible and more than likely paroled. So I say set him free!

  • Lance

    I'm no fan of OJ but did they prove he was holding a gun?
    The other two admitted to having guns and two guns were found.
    One of them got sentenced to just over 2 years while OJ got 33.

  • Nicholas Ingraham

    "Now 70, Simpson will have history in his favor and a clean record behind bars.."

    Sorry, but his 8 years behind bars isn't his only ...."history".

  • Donald Hunter

    All he says is he is sorry he ever went into that room. Never mentions the murders. Still the same conman he always was. He got away with murder and everyone knows it. Leave him in there until he rots.

  • martwedd

    It's not like he will ever truly be free, anyway.

  • OscarBravoUSA .

    God save America.

  • 3 Wise Men

    Let the guy out. He's 70 years old. I'd rather see the space used for someone else. Prisons are overcrowded as it is.

  • Vance Lebeouf

    he's in a good safe place leave him there, can't harm anyone.