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  • Darren Christman

    How odd they werent able to extract any DNA. DNA from sweaty fingerprints can now be extracted if the bodies are found within 24 hours. How could a transient not be known to the area. Do people still train hop? Seems like they wouldnt now with all the sensors and cameras.

  • RufDisQ

    The sketch is wonderful. I saw about 30 people looking just like this guy today. And that is just this morning...the sightings if reported by all will total about 700,000 by tonight.

  • Matt Ferrell

    What a waste! It is a rare occasion that I make a comment, but what the heck ABC. Lots of the same speak on this tragic story, but extremely little on the picture and sketch. A sketch was on my screen for less than one second. Is that the one??? Great job...

  • oldschool

    Why did it take so damn long to get this out to the public?

  • Olivia Holmes

    Is it just me or do the first few words sound like they were going to release a sketch but now they're not? Weird. Why say it that way?

  • Damiana

    Why hold a press conference saying "we're going to release the composite"? Is it not ready yet? If not, why are you prematurely jumping in front of a camera and if so, why aren't you HOLDING IT UP as you talk about it?

  • Dan Jefferies

    It's hard to believe with all the coverage that no one recognizes the man in the photos ... oh that's right .... none of the coverage actually shows the photos.....