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  • heartthrob

    Well the above piece of article is referencing the WP as the source of it. WP used an Egyptian reporter in Turkey (most of muslim brotherhood anti UAE members are located in Turkey as they're being chased off by Egyptian gov). Turkey is in good terms with Qatar and Russia. SO the source of this report is not trust worthy. Qatar may be an ally in terms of offering the Odaid base, it has no free media. Its media is used to target all countries but Qatar. It is also proven that many extremist groups,which led to the death os US affiliated individuals (soldiers, ambassador....ect) were funded by Qatar as a part of their double agent strategy. The base can be moved to any other Gulf state and US will be in a better position to bargin.

  • georgex9

    Just today read that charges are brought against young woman who posted video in short dress

  • georgex9

    The question is why are we favoring Saudi Arabia over Qatar? Saudi Arabia has been exporting radical Islam for decades and they have strict laws against the slightest blasphemy (which is anti-free expression).

  • bobhope1

    Astonishing. Saudi is clearly the ideological and propagation center of gravity of ISIS, Al Nusrah, AQ and on and on of the Sunni beheading, whipping etc etc groups. A widely known and acknowledged reality apparently - yet Trump cannot see the obvious?

  • grumpyoldfuddyduddy

    Wow... Two major wars going on in Syria and Yemen...and STILL ABC has the temerity to mention Mideast countries in news stories. All the other corporate media sources have also quit talking about the wars. I wish I knew more about the relationship between the corporate media and the military. Are media outlets just told not to talk bout the wars? Does the media take it upon itself to not run news about the wars? Is there some sort of voluntary thing where ABC does not report on the wars as a courtesy to the military?

    Last I heard, we were sending more troops...and more explosives... and we were going to try to cooperate with's only been a couple of weeks....Maybe I'm just being nosy, and it's none of my business how the wars are going....still, back in the day, orgnizations like ABC were a source of news.... I guess it's hard to remember this is a new age...I can't be expecting "news"

  • eeriesponsiple

    Once again Trumps rush to judgement gets it wrong.

  • reality25

    Hey, weren't Trump and Kushner supposedly bringing peace to the ME? Chaos has now invaded the hornets nest. Stay tuned.

  • JLS1950

    Leave it to Trump to back the wrong horse and offend another critical American ally. Qatar is the only Gulf State that allows a reasonably free media to exist on its soil - hence its perceived threat to the other Islamic states in the region.