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  • Kokomo Joe

    Nine years? Why?

  • Rasta Bomb

    Disciplined? Under the Trump DoJ, he will be promoted and given a pardon for any future misdeeds.

  • Old Timer

    This sexual crap has got to go. Stupid claims by women.

  • steven b

    These remarks and accusations sexual harassment etc. are ridiculously made by a majority of Republicans as if Democrats are more respectful and would never say or do things to women in the work place wherever that may be . Party affiliations have nothing to do about how men act in the work place . There are just as many Democrats ,Clinton [Bill] for one who sexually harassed and had sexual affairs in the Oral Office that's Oval Office Bill is king democrat

  • steven b

    They are taking fun out from the common English language when we can no longer make a public remark or private about a woman's body Even saying ''nice rack'' is now construed as sexually offensive and harassment still the only group where there few limits are the fatsos

  • OMA44

    Do I understand this correctly? Nothing much happens to Brower but a slap on the wrist. The DOJ pays for the complainant's legal fees. Brower lands a job in the DOJ.
    Where is the complainant working? Did she lose her job? Did she get any remuneration?

  • Framerman


  • Jeffry DeVillez

    This has certainly become the Republican "norm".

  • Edup McD

    Another Republican misogynist exposed!
    This week has barely started ...
    When will it end? "sigh" ...

  • Bob Ross

    good to know.