Jul 16, 2017, 5:01 PM ET

Anti-violence activist among dead in another weekend of Chicago shootings


An anti-violence activist was among those killed in a weekend of shootings on the streets of Chicago, according to police.

Ten people have been killed, and 37 wounded across Chicago since Friday evening, ABC Chicago station WLS-TV reported, with community activist William "Willie" Cooper, 58, and a 9-year-old boy among the dead.

Cooper's nonprofit, Lilydale Outreach Workers for a Better Community, helps teens find jobs on Chicago's South Side, according to Donovan Price, another community activist who runs the youth program for Pray Chicago, a faith-based community organization, who said Cooper was shot not far from his nonprofit’s headquarters.

A representative for Lilydale Outreach Workers for a Better Community today confirmed Cooper’s death but declined to comment on it, saying that members of Cooper's staff were still speaking with authorities about the incident.

Cooper was walking near a liquor store Saturday afternoon when someone driving by in a dark-colored vehicle shot him in the back and mouth, The Associated Press reported.

PHOTO: An anti-violence activist was among those killed in a weekend of shootings on the streets of Chicago, according to police.ABC News
An anti-violence activist was among those killed in a weekend of shootings on the streets of Chicago, according to police.

No suspects were in custody and the investigation was ongoing, police told the AP.

"People are so cold-hearted. How could you take somebody's life? He helped everybody. I just don't understand," Patricia Carter, Cooper’s niece, told WLS.

WLS reported that an AR-15 was used in the shooting.

The Chicago Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the incident.

'The person people came to ... when they needed help'

Price, of Pray Chicago, told ABC News that he frequently visits the scene of shootings in the city to offer help to families who are affected by them, and frequently crossed paths with Cooper.

He said he was "very surprised" to learn of Cooper's death after arriving at this one.

"He was the person people came to in the neighborhood when they needed help," Price said. "He was the person people would reach out to as things have gotten dicier on the streets of Chicago."

In addition to helping teens find jobs, Price said, Cooper was focused on "diffusing violence" and would serve as a mentor to young people who sought out his guidance.

Price said he worries that Chicago's endemic violence is not close to being eradicated.

"I've taken mothers to the morgue. This weekend, a nine-year-old was killed," he said. "My concern is that violence is getting popular here."

News - Anti-violence activist among dead in another weekend of Chicago shootings

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  • RobertJohns

    The violence and deaths will continue until some high-profile member of the Chicago Political Machine becomes its victim. Until then, it's business/politics (no difference between the two in Chicago) as usual.

  • JamAnderson

    Thank your local democrat.

  • georgina

    The USA is self destructing ........only 1 reason a gun is purchased. ...and thats to kill....pretty simple....but hard for the pro gun people to understand

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    Imagine how bad this could get if they cut off ebt,snap , and chip. chicago and all the big cities are on life support.

  • Marconi Ojascastro Tuliao

    Its all Trump fault

    Trump did this

    Blame Trump

    Impeach Trump !!!!

    That's the message your American Media and Chicagoans in this story saying.

    They killed someone.
    Trump made me do it
    Its all Trump fault
    Blame Trump
    Impeach Trump.

    And your Democratic Politicans and with the help of the American Media will give these killers protection while advocating for these murders too.

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    The answer is water guns... have a massive water gun giver a way on the south side....

  • reality25


    SYDNEY ― An Australian woman was shot and killed by a police officer in Minneapolis on Saturday night in an incident the city’s mayor has called tragic and disturbing.

    Australian media reported on Sunday that 40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk, also known as Justine Damond, was the woman killed in the officer-involved shooting over the weekend...

    Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that a citizen of the country had been killed, but declined to identify her until her family had been notified, according to a statement obtained by HuffPost Australia. The agency said it would be providing consular assistance to her family.

    Zach Damond, who identified himself as the woman’s future stepson, said in a video posted to Facebook that she was killed after calling 911 to report a sound in the alley behind her home. Damond’s father, Don, was engaged to be married to the victim, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    “Basically my mom’s dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don’t know,” he said in the video, posted to the Facebook page for Women’s March Minnesota. “I demand answers. If anybody can help, just call police and demand answers. I’m so done with all this violence.”

    Agreed. We should be done with ALL of this violence.

  • Landsnark

    Brother forgot to duck.

  • John Wayne

    This is what you get when democrats run things, funny that abc, a democrat run news agency would post this for people who are not democrats and are intelligent to read. Makes the real people wonder why democrats exist.

  • yesitsme

    Chicago is a lost cause shut the doors and turn off the lights .

  • donna

    Now the truth the media did not tell. Gun violence is not happening all over Chicago. It is not happening all over the South Side, the West Side or the North Side. It is happening in poverty stricken areas, in the neighborhoods where people have no money and no power. Here is why. When a violent criminal shoots or kills someone in an area other than their designated crime zone, the police will find them and put them in jail. But as long as they terrorize poor people in poor neighborhoods, they can continue their reign of terror unabated. These are not gang wars. This is terrorism of the poor.

    It is easy to stop gun violence in Chicago. It is not a secret because police manage to stop shootings in areas where the residents have money. It doesn't take a federal task force. It takes police willing to do their job and arrest violent offenders who pull the trigger. The police know who these criminals are. The can go and get them whenever they want them. But as long as these criminals stay in their designated hunting areas, the police look the other way.

    These shootings are occurring on the same streets day after day, week after week, month after month. Chicago has blue light cameras, red light cameras, street video from stores and banks. Why are these criminals still on the street. Pay attention. The police will arrest someone for killing the baby. The rest of the victims will not receive justice. Those murderers will remain free as long as they kill withing the rules.

  • Edgar Lane

    If they want to end it they can. It will not be pretty or even legal...but it can end the violence. However, there's no will.
    Anyone with a gun in the affected area needs to go to prison.
    - Institute stop and frisk.
    - 1st time arrested with possession of a gun, mandatory sentencing 15 years
    - 2nd time arrested with a gun 20 years in prison. After 35 years in prison they will be old enough and maybe
    mature enough to keep clean, otherwise life.
    - Curfew for gang-age kids
    - Start a Cash-for-Guns program and pay them a fair price for their guns
    - Find them jobs, or pay them for training in order to find a job, so they stop selling drugs.

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    Another violent weekend in Chicago.... how can we help stop the violence?

  • 3 Wise Men

    I'm surprised there's anyone left to shoot at in these neighborhoods.

  • RalphSpyer

    Their have been 384 murders in Chicago this year. Last year Chicago had a total of just over 800 . We are ahead of last year total . . So what the solution ? Jobs,Education, Fathers, Culture, Police, Stop and frisk, Church, boys clubs, little league, midnight baseball, boy scouts, mandatory military service. peace core in Chicago , Apprenticeship into the trade unions, national guard ,,open housing a policeman living on every block in K town and englewood

  • Thelightlady

    We get it, things are bad in Chicago. But the city is like No. 14 in terms of crime per capita. Why don't we chronicle the shootings in Memphis, Birmingham, Ala., the greater Orlando area? Crime is worse in those areas. Buffalo is more dangerous.

  • SMRT

    When this becomes part of a normalized, generational culture, expect more.

  • Kokomo Joe

    Probably the only thing that would stop it is brutish, oppressive, civil rights free police action. Take all the guns. Lock up anyone in possession of a gun. Stop and search everyone, everywhere and everything. Make the South side like a prison block. That kind of police action would likely result in civil rights protest, maybe riots.

    If I lived there, I would move.

  • Educated

    ....Is this happening in the poorest parts of city?

  • This Guy

    The thought process is like: "Anti-violence? I'll show him anti-violence by poppin' a cap in him!!"

  • Olivia Holmes

    If you take the number of homicides in Chicago for the last 10 years and remove the lowest (432 in 2014) and the highest (762 in 2016, no, that's not a typo), you get an annual average of 465 murders. It's the highest average when compared to other US cities its size. The stats go as far back as 1928 and surprisingly (to me anyways) the homicide number that year was 498. I hope this doesn't sound ignorant but weren't there a lot less guns on the streets back then, or am I wrong?

  • George Lucas

    He wasn't the hero they deserved, but the one they needed. And he died a hero.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Sad state of affairs .