May 19, 2017, 12:29 PM ET

Prince's 6 siblings are heirs to his estate, judge rules


A Minnesota judge has ruled that Prince's estate, valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, will go to his sister and five half-siblings.

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District Court Judge Kevin Eide filed the ruling on Thursday in Carver County, Minnesota. "The heirs of the estate are determined to be Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson and Tyka Nelson," he said. Prince's birth name was Prince Rogers Nelson.

The iconic "Purple Rain" singer died in April 2016 at the age of 57. An autopsy later determined that he died from an accidental fentanyl overdose, which he "self-administered."

At the time of his death, Prince had no will.

The judge's ruling also dictates how the assets will be distributed and he left the door open for appeals from parties who have claimed to be one of Prince's heirs.

News - Prince's 6 siblings are heirs to his estate, judge rules

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  • Tonya Mitchell

    He had a will before he died, somehow doesn't after? Foul play.

  • Thelightlady

    Prince obviously knew his siblings well. He also may have been smart enough to know the ironclad law in Minnesota that leaves it to surviving heirs. Because unlike other celebrity families, Princes siblings did not go to war. They only objected to last minute fake attempts from long-lost kids.

    But his no-will estate is going to be distributed smoother than the one Alan Thicke left with a detailed will. His sons and widow are in court already.

  • Tanya L. Powell

    I wonder. There are wealthy people who do not have a pre nup when they marry because it is against their belief system. I wonder if Prince rejected the idea of having a will because it was possibly against his beliefs? He was such a giver and philanthropist while alive, I wonder if it was against his thoughts and/or belief system. Possibly he was an 'I can't take it with me.' kinda person. Just a thought.

  • Dewey

    billionaire Howard Hughes died without leaving a will

    it happens

  • Panoose

    Will his "whole" sister get more than his five half-siblings?

  • Sharon Wren

    This was pretty much properly handed from the outset. His sister had a judge step in, and now this has been announced. It sounds very fair, but I agree, Prince's management & legal team let him down by not insisting on a will.

  • bandonurse

    I can't imagine having that sizeable of an estate and not having a will. But it sounds like the judge did the right thing.