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  • Harold Ashe

    Now that Gen. Lee has been removed, we can say that the Civil War never happened. /s

  • BR Deal

    Erasing history that's disliked isn't the answer. We jumped up and down when the Taliban did it in Afghanistan and ISIS in iraq yet we celebrate it here. What's the diff?

  • Coffeeman Returns

    Yes, remove history. Maybe we'll learn after the Second Civil War. Coming soon to a street near you!!

  • No one you know

    When I took a trip to New Orleans a few years back, I accidentally came upon Lee's Circle and this prominent monument. I was in awe, and approaching it from the back I asked a passer-by who it was. She said it was Robert E. Lee and I was dumfounded. I said NFW and she said yes indeed. It sent chills down my spine to think that the people here still glorified Lee in this grandiose manner. I am so glad to see that it is gone, and that it left peacefully with minimal protest.

  • dontcare1wayortheother

    Robert E Lee of his own free will gave up his personal property under no pressure or requirement to do so for the creation of the National Cemetery known as ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY. Should we dig everyone up and move them elsewhere lest some chuckleheads among us gets offended???

  • Paul

    Forger about right and wrong. History is history. Monuments represents history. Why need to remove them so long after. It proves that Americans are more racist to solve problem by destroying or moving monuments because it represents slavery.. ISIS destroyed monuments because they see it worshiping devil in Syria.

  • Aaron Dettmer

    Did anyone else know that they have WWII memorials in Germany and Japan?

  • Edup McD

    The South did rise again! Notice how high the statues were lifted by cranes, then nicely put down & covered ...
    History will always remember the South as the land of slave owners, lynchings & racism that started the American Civil War as well as continued on quietly till the uprising of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement ...
    Racism is still very much alive in the US sadly under the eyes of Lady Liberty ...
    In today's schools, kids will learn our shameful Southern history including the next chapter of racism presently being made across the country ...
    None will be forgotten nor do we need any offensive stautes of this type as reminders ...

  • gene poole

    This is so stooopid. So we should only have statues of people that ideally fit our agenda and beliefs in 2017? Complete idiocy. Going back hundreds of years (or longer) who is going to fit that mold and who decides which mold to use? As a black man, this kind of stuff is an embarassment, as is white folks that think they're helping us poor, helpless black folk. What a joke.
    Truly educated people already know that all major colors/races at some time in their history were slaves and also enslaved others eventually. You want to see true racism based on color, go to Africa. I'm talking about light colored (high color) blacks versus dark colored blacks.
    Been there, saw that, moved on.

  • Rick

    Shame on the city of New Orleans. What a pitiful display of moral cowardice on the part of the city's so called "leaders". Disgusting, simply disgusting.

  • boyscout

    Look the south has secretly risen and not only taken over the country but they are the military industrial complex too. I am sure they are not worried about a few old statues.

  • Tn Toddy

    HERE YA GO NEW CHANNELS IF YOU GOT THE GUTS. SHARE BOTH SIDES OF THE PROBLEM-- HISTORY IS HISTORY, YOU CANT CHANGE IT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS. THEN I THINK WE SHOULD REMOVE DR.KING, ROSA PARKS, LINCOLN, there are so many out there, but if you insist to not get along just because of a damn flag or statue then you are stupid. there is history on both sides--you cant have it only one way and the news wont report the real news ever. the rest of you wont grow up. if someone pisses you off you jump in with riots and tear everything up. I was going to visit some of these states to see some of the history (both sides) so I knew a lot more about it. well guess I wont be wasting my hard earned dollar to go there now, nothing left to see. so I guess all those states lose out on money that would come their way. I guess you people do not want it to ever be any better for your children's future. cause this kind of stuff will only drive it wider apart!

  • DavidAK

    It is a little late to go with revisionist history. Taking down monuments doesn't eliminate the Civil War.

  • Walking Fool

    This is stupid. You cannot change history.

    How about if the Germans decided to bulldoze the concentration camps, as if they never happened. Or what about editing out Mickey Rooney in, Breakfast At Tiffany's where he played some awful stereotype of some Asian guy? When does it stop? For good or bad, it happened folks, you cannot change or erase history.

    Didn't the Taliban destroy the giant Buddha? Sound familiar?

  • Forsaken Perared

    makes it easier to stay out of the "politically correct" southern states.

  • ThanksfortheFishes

    So now what will the mayor do to deflect attention from the problem NO has?

  • This Guy

    Good. Those sorts of monuments belong in museums, not in public areas.

    Now, about the crime rate in New Orleans......

  • jschm

    at least in this country we can all agree to disagree, and that is fine.