Jul 16, 2014, 8:27 AM ET

Cappuccino Chip Among the Crazy Finalists in Lay's 'Do Us a Flavor' Contest


Americans have spoken, and they’re saying coffee-flavored potato chips are what they want.

Out of more than 14 million entries in Lay’s “Do US A Flavor” contest, the brand whittled down the final four flavors to Cappuccino, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger and Wavy Mango Salsa.

Chad Scott, a visiting lecturer and Ph.D. student who pitched the crazy cappuccino flavor, said today on "Good Morning America," "the inspiration on this is just a love of coffee. When a cappuccino is good enough, it puts a punctuation point on my day."

The coffee-flavored chips, however, do not contain any caffeine, though Amy Robach noted that the coffee flavor was strong before declaring she was a fan.

PHOTO: Lays announced the announced the four finalist flavors in its Lays Do Us A Flavor contest, two of which are pictured here.Lays
Lay's announced the announced the four finalist flavors in its Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest, two of which are pictured here.

Cheddar bacon mac and cheese was developed by a firefighter's love for comfort food. "Let's be honest, firefighteres love their food, so I knew I had to bring my A-game. It was a hit with the guys at the firehouse," Matt Allen said on "GMA."

"It's a hit with me, too," Robach announced, liking the barbecue-reminiscent smoky flavor.

Inspired by her grandmother's Japanese heritage, Meneko Spigner McBeth came up with the spicy wasabi ginger flavor. "She's been making me sushi since I was a little girl," McBeth said.

"That is fantastic! I love that one," Robach said.

PHOTO: Lays announced the announced the four finalist flavors in its Lays Do Us A Flavor contest, two of which are pictured here.Lays
Lay's announced the announced the four finalist flavors in its Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest, two of which are pictured here.

"It's sweet; it's salty; I love it," Amy Robach said after tasting the mango salsa flavor, created by Julia Stanley-Metz's love for her husband's homemade mango salsa on their family's Taco Tuesdays.

The crowd-sourced chips will be available on store shelves later this month when consumers can try all four and vote for their final favorite, which will remain on store shelves after the contest ends in November. The winning contributor will get a $1 million grand prize for their flavor idea.

“The response blew us away,” Ram Krishnan, senior vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America said in a statement. “We can’t wait to see which flavor America selects as its favorite.”

Head to DoUsAFlavor.com to vote for your favorite, or vote via Twitter, Instagram and/or Vine using the hashtags #SaveCappuccino, #SaveBaconMac, #SaveWasabi or #SaveMango; and/or via text message by texting “Cappuccino,” “Bacon Mac,” “Wasabi” or “Mango” to 24477 (CHIPS).

News - Cappuccino Chip Among the Crazy Finalists in Lay's 'Do Us a Flavor' Contest

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  • NavinJay

    I actually enjoyed the Cappuccino flavored. The flavor was good but there is another level I think many people are missing. As a person with hypertension (high blood pressure) I am always looking for ways to lower my sodium intake. I quite often get lightly salted or unsalted chips as nearly all other flavors, no matter what flavor it is. has a high level of sodium. The Cappuccino has a really low low level of sodium and I get a flavor other than potato when I eat them. Sugar? The label says 2grams of sugar pers serving which is also exceptionally low. Keep making the Cappuccino please!

  • Paul Wilder

    Lay’s has served the ultimate bowl of BS! I don’t even know
    where to begin with my disappointment of Lay’s ‘Do Us A Flavor Contest’ 2014?
    So I’ll do a short list:

    A red flag had gone up when I read this in their
    rules, Sponsor is not responsible for any uneven
    distribution of the Finalist Flavors….are
    you serious! What that means in layman terms is that the Sponsor (Lay’s) can
    manipulate a winner. How? Distribute 50k of three finalists each and 250k of
    the finalist they want to win.

    I created over 70 flavors ( and many I got A LOT
    of thumbs up on that they would buy them), one of which was Cheddar Bacon Mac N
    Cheese, and I did so at the onset of the contest and I befriended the finalist
    who was selected so I could gauge his time line of submission and my submission
    was done BEFORE his submission and according to Lay’s rules the first
    submission of a duplicate is the valid submission (but he’s a firefighter). I
    also created White Cheddar Bacon Mac N Cheese!

    Cappuccino (the worst and least creative and
    original of all-and according to Lay’s rules that was exactly what they said they were looking for),
    Wasabi Ginger, and Mango Salsa….really Lay’s?!

    Bottom line Lay’s is that you selected Cheddar
    Bacon Mac N Cheese not from then person who submitted the flavor first but who
    you personally decided YOU wanted to be the finalist of that flavor! YOU then
    selected finalists competitors who YOU knew wouldn’t be able to compete with an
    American classic comfort food: hence, another way to manipulate the winner and
    mislead the public.

    Lastly, your rules state that the finalist
    would be announced on or about July 28th, 2014-can you please explain
    how announcing the finalists on July 16th, 2014 coincide with you
    estimated release date?

    You had over 14 million submissions and the
    selected flavors were the best?! I saw hundreds of flavors better than what you
    selected! I personally WILL NOT vote for any of the flavors and I hope that the
    public continue to voice their disappointment and outrage as they are doing on
    comments all over the internet!

  • Janet B.

    i also did a mango salsa...do they pick winners in the order of entering your flavor?

  • vin59

    um...I submitted ginger wasabi. What the difference between mine and this one. Perhaps because I didn't post mine on FB.

  • Hotter Than Hell

    it is disappointing.. I came up with more creative flavors that actually made sense and they pick Cappuccino? Even Bacon, Cheddar Mac & Cheese- how does one make potato chips taste like macaroni?

  • Kerry McKinney

    And these are the flavors I laughed at while the contest was going on. I myself submitted many flavors that were way better than these. What a HUGE disappointment!!

  • Brian P

    I had way better flavors than these. Seriously, I made Buttered Toast. Now that's gotta hit the fans, but NOOOOOO..LAYS didn't even give me a chance. Jerks....It's because I'm not famous on Facebook to where I couldn't spam my idea out there. I hate you LAYS. I will no longer buy your crap.

  • Karla J.

    That's disappointing to say the least. I created really good flavors and saw many others that were more creative and snack worthy. This is upsetting. Cappuccino? Really?

  • samantha

    i would not eat any of these flavors! Theyr disgusting flavors on a chip.

  • California Kid

    My vote is Wavy Mango Salsa.