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Taking Precautions

by Shyama Perera

New Holland Publisher
Review by Lisa E. J. Lau
16 February 2009 Lisa Lau is currently a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Geography, University of Durham, UK. Her areas of interest include literature, contemporary cross-cultural fiction, South Asia, gender studies, diasporic communities, cyberspace research, and cultural geographies.

Book Description: A fascinating account of the often imaginative ways in which humans throughout history have tried to prevent themselves from propagating the race. These range from crocodile dung pessaries, diaphragms made from lemon halves and the linen condoms pioneered by the Italian anatomist Falloppio in the 16th century, through to the breakthrough of the Pill - and the women's liberation it represented - in the 1960s and beyond to the 21st century. Although the methods of today are relatively sophisticated, a foolproof form of contraception has yet to be found if the number of unplanned pregnancies each year is anything to go by. With fascinating illustrations, Taking Precautions is an engrossing, thorough, down-to-earth and amusing history of an often taboo subject.

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