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Planet Polygamous

36 tales of infidelity

by Shinie Antony

Indialog, .
Review by Reeta Sinha
16 February 2009Reeta Sinha is a collection development librarian and an avid collector (and occasional reader) of Indian fiction.

Book Description: Infidelity brings on all kinds of debate. For and against. The 36 stories in this volume delve beyond the conventional cheating between spouses into the larger betrayals that sully the soul. Keeping faith with one lover would sometimes mean sinning against another...The stories here include a family secret that comes to light too late, a young girl's ache for an imaginary lover, a married woman who couldn't be more divorced and a hooker who sometimes dances to please herself.

Betrayals and kisses. Review in Tribune India.
Weaving narrative threads. Review in the Deccan Herald.

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