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Black Lentil Doughnuts

by CK Meena

Dronequill, Bangalore.
Review by Usha KR
16 February 2009Usha K R is the author of Sojourn (Manas, 1998) and The Chosen (Penguin India, 2003).

Book Description: Shanthi and her alter-ego Lilly escape the oppressive warmth of their small town to taste the freedom of an emerging metropolis. Shanthi is seduced by the anarchism of the Three Mosquitoes, while Lilly's seductions are on more predictable lines. But all the while they are being stalked by an insane mass hysteria that sees them as outsiders C K Meena takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the love and hate, gentleness and brutality that is metropolitan India.

High on hybrids.
Review by Shinie Antony. The book launch in Bangalore.
In two worlds. Review in the Hindu.

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